Kind CEO Lets Crying, Sleep Deprived Employee Go Home With A Bonus Payment

Living life as an independent adult means waking up in the morning, getting ready, and heading off to work. Work not only puts food on the table and helps us pay our bills; employment can also give us confidence, satisfaction, and generally make us feel like we belong and play an important role in society.

Unfortunately, not everyone is content with their current job. For others, they may thoroughly enjoy their work, but full-time or even part-time employment might be incredibly stressful for them on top of their normal hectic life. Many find that instead of scheduling daily activities and responsibilities before or after work, they’re trying hard to squeeze their “me time” and “family time” around their work life. However, because these folks don’t want to lose their job, which in turn would mean they’d be facing financial troubles, they continue to make their work a priority.

Working for CEO Bernie Reifkind at Premier Search in Los Angeles, however, is different. When he saw one of his employees crying at their desk at 7:45 in the morning, he knew something was troubling her and decided to step in.

According to him in a social media post, “I sent her home and promised that she would get paid. In addition, I wrote her a check on the spot for extra money to alleviate her immediate financial worry. She was incredibly grateful. To this day, she is my best employee not just because of her talent but her loyalty.”

I have a feeling this employee will continue to stay with Bernie’s company for a very long time. The respect he delivers is unbeatable!

Bernie shares an important message for his fellow CEOs:

“Employers, please understand that most people are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Burning the candle at both ends. Trying to make ends meet. Kids, homework, spouses, significant others, elder parents, mortgage payments, auto repairs, etc. The relentlessness of life. People are worried about their jobs. PLEASE reassure your hard-working employees that their jobs are secure, whenever possible. Loyalty goes both ways.”

I personally couldn’t agree more!

With the caring and understanding personality Bernie has, his employees will be happier, find their boss easier to confide in, and have an easier time managing a proper work-life balance and, in turn, have better productivity and performance at work than if his employees worked elsewhere.

In such a chaotic, busy world, it makes perfect sense why Bernie would want to treat his employees the way he does. Being a good CEO isn’t just about being a good leader but being kind to your employees.

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Source: Shareably

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