Woman Travels 130,000 Miles To Visit Nearly 100 Korean War Memorials And Thank Vets

Have you ever been so dedicated to experience or accomplish something that you would do anything for it, no matter the drawbacks? Getting a degree, working your way up the career ladder, having the family you’ve always wanted, or meeting your weight loss goals might be things you’ve worked hard towards. It’s never easy, but it’s the results in the end that are worth it.

For Hannah Kim, however, her goal is probably quite different from what many of our’s might be. In 2018, Kim decided to spend 90 days visiting all 50 states to check out as many Korean War Memorials as possible. Throughout the process, she ended up traveling a total of 130,000 miles, visiting almost a hundred memorials, and meeting well over a thousand war veterans.

You’re probably asking, “But, why?”

Kim believes in remembering fallen soldiers, learning all there is to know about the Korean War, and showing her support for wartime survivors.

She was inspired to start the 90-day journey when she had to travel “to 27 nations in 6 continents to thank and interview veterans in every county who participated in the Korean War” as a Chief of Staff and Communications Director for a US Congressman.

But her journey wasn’t finished just yet, despite being “physically and emotionally overwhelmed” after her work travel.

“I knew what I had to do—so I packed my bags again and got behind the wheel, this time with the goal of raising awareness and funds for the Wall [of Remembrance at the National Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C.].”

That’s when she decided to visit Korean War Memorials across the United States.

“What is a few more months out of my life? It’s nothing compared to what they’ve sacrificed,” Kim said, who nearly died in a serious car accident 12 years ago and considers “each day as a bonus.”

With her mindset, she was able to successfully finish visiting the memorials within her 90-day goal. It was a lot of driving, loss of sleep, and stress, but ultimately, the experience ended up being one of the most exciting things she has ever gotten to do.

“I’ve witnessed the camaraderie and bloodshed bond in the veterans community, their sense of patriotism, heroism and humor. I now know the difference between an ‘oorah’ and ‘hooah’ and how much the patches and pins on their caps and jackets mean to them,” she recounted.

Wow! These are all things we should all get to experience. It’s not until we see and experience the things that Kim has that we will realize how important our fellow veterans are and how deeply they should be cherished.

Learn more about Kim’s jaw-dropping accomplishment in showing support for Korean War veterans.

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