62-Year-Old Woman Looks Decades Younger After Drastic Makeover

Many of us would agree that your appearance isn’t everything. That’s why we often utter the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Although we would all love to look like supermodels, the further we navigate life, the more we come to realize that the goodness of peoples’ hearts and their overall character matter much more than what they look like. In response, we hope people will think of us in the same way.

However, many of us also agree that our outer appearance still plays a valuable role. How we look can have an impact on others’ first impressions of us. Likewise, our appearance can make or break our confidence. And, as we all know, confidence alone has the power to help us land our dream job, meet new people, and overcome overwhelming situations with grace.

For 62-year-old LaDawn from Dallas, Texas, she was always a beautiful woman. However, as a little Mother’s Day treat, she decided to travel all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota to get the makeover of a lifetime from Christopher Hopkins, also known as the Makeover Guy. Her main reason for doing so? To look her absolute best at her daughter’s upcoming wedding!

LaDawn chose one of the best and most experienced makeup artists for the job. Christopher first opened the Christopher Hopkins Salon in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1990. In 2017, the makeup guru gained substantial fame when he started his next big venture: MAKEOVERGUY Appearance Studios. With his latest salon, Christopher has been known for providing phenomenal transformations for men and women over the age of 45, essentially giving them a new lease on life.

Due to his hair and makeup expertise, you bet LaDawn was in good hands. In a video featuring before-and-after clips of her makeover, we first witness her with no makeup; tired bags under her eyes; gray, wispy hair; and a dark, baggy blouse. By the end of the video, we see a whole new LaDawn!

The 62-year-old who once looked tired and simple was transformed into a stylish, red-headed woman. Just her change in facial expressions alone tells us that she feels more confident in her own skin. In fact, she even seems more energetic. That’s exactly what a good makeover should do! Outer appearances really can make a difference.

“I’m delighted!” DeLawn says at the closing of the video.

You’ll be blown away when you see LaDawn’s final transformation in the video below!

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