This Old Lady Went To Visit Her Husbands Grave When Something SHOCKING Happened… OMG!

Life can surprise us in many ways. Sometimes seemingly bad things happen that invitably make us feel sad, but many times there is a silver lining that helps us grow and more forward in life. The story you are about to see is one such story. It will truly touch you.

Tona Herdon, 78-year old woman from Bethany, Oklahoma, was on the way to visit the grave of her late husband of 60 years. After a loving marriage, he has suddenly passed and she was devastated. When she reached her destination, the unthinkable happened. A man came out of nowhere and stole her purse. The purse contained among other things, $700 which she needed. What a sad time for Tona, but just when it seemed like things couldn’t get any worse for the 78-year-old woman, something incredible happened.

Christian Lunsford, a 15-year-old kid was watching television when he saw what happened to Tona on the news. He instantly recognized the man who mugged that lady. It was his father. His father had left his life when he was 2 years old and he was rarely involved in his son’s life. The last time he had seen his father was months ago when he gave him $250 dollars in order to go on a school trip.

Despite having nothing to do with him, Christian immediately felt guilty for his father’s actions. What he did next truly stunned me and stunned Tona as well. I won’t spoil what he did but it will truly touch you. Watch the following video and see how he helped Tona restore her faith in humanity. This is truly beautiful! And don’t forget to share this touching video with your friends and family.

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