I Thought He Was Cute And Then… Wow! Meet Ralph, The World’s Largest Rabbit.

Ralph is a 4-year-old Continental Giant rabbit from the UK. At 55 pounds (25 kg), he is recognized as the world’s largest rabbit by the Guinness World Record. His owner, Pauline Grant, cares for Ralph at her horse rescue, relying on donations to feed the gentle giant. And what does Ralph’s diet look like? [googlead]At about $90 per week, his daily meal includes crackers, two slices of brown bread, half a bag of watercress, cabbage, broccoli, half a cucumber, a carrot, sweetcorn, corn on the cob and two apples.

Ralph lives with a loving family and he is happy and healthy!ralph1

How adorable is that face?

Here’s a video of Ralph when he was only 42 pounds (19 kg).

Source: Huffington Post

Now that’s a big bunny that will melt anyone’s heart!

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