Great Dane Is Running Along Dad’s Bike But When He Can No Longer Run, Hilarity Ensues

Everyone knows how important it is to exercise. Even when you go to the doctor for a regular check-up, they will always ask you what your daily physical activity is like—we hope that you have a routine that your doctor is happy with, otherwise, they can get pretty angry with the lack of exercise in their patients’ lives!

Not just humans, but dogs also need a good amount of exercise to lead a healthy lifestyle. And so for this reason, the dad in the video below takes his dogs out with him when he’s going for a bike ride. One of his pups is inside his backpack whereas Luther the Great Dane is trotting along right beside him. But, not for long.

Watch as Luther slowly begins to give up and is getting tired of the hike he’s having to take with dad. But getting tired and still having to walk through the trek isn’t something that Luther has to worry about. Why? Because dad has tied the Luther Wagon to the back of his bike to come to the Great Dane’s rescue! This little invention is adorable and hilarious!

As soon as Luther can trek no more, he simply jumps into his wagon and off the three go, Luther in tow, quite literally. Now wouldn’t you want something like this for yourself next time you’re out on a hike and are on the verge of giving up?

Watch Luther and his wagon in the video below. If it gave you a laugh, then don’t forget to like and share the post with family and friends!

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