Marine Sings Cover Of Randy Travis Classic

As a civilian, it’s impossible to truly understand what members of our Armed Forces face when stationed overseas, or anywhere else, for that matter. The rest of us go about our lives, going to work, eating dinner with our families, and all the infinite other activities that make up a person’s day. Yet, we rarely consider the sacrifice that others make so that we can enjoy our lives in relative safety.

There’s a pretty good chance that many of us take our daily safety and security, and even our “boring” lives, for granted. While taking things for granted isn’t necessarily a good thing, in this case, it means that the people who are tasked with protecting us are doing their jobs. But, it’s important that we realize that our boring lives are actually a privilege that not everyone gets to enjoy. 

Every single day, there are people out there who are putting their lives on the line so that we can be safe. Not only do they encounter and live with a certain amount of danger and uncertainty, they often spend long periods of time away from their own families. They miss birthdays, holidays, important events, and the regular days that we all go through, without thinking. Not only do they sacrifice, but their families sacrifice, as well. They must live with the knowledge that their loved one is constantly in danger, and must go through each day without them.

While the members of our Armed Forces are certainly heroes, we shouldn’t forget that they are also “regular” people, just like us. They have lives, hobbies, and favorite television shows. Just because they are away from their families, their lives don’t stop. In fact, they may be able to use those familiar things to make their time away more bearable.

The U.S. Marine in this video joined the military to protect his loved ones and his country, but when he’s not busy being a hero, he’s a very talented musician. While deployed, he took a moment to share his special talent with his Marine brothers and sisters. Armed with a guitar and a microphone, he sang Randy Travis’ “Three Wooden Crosses,” an emotional song that resonates differently with everyone who hears it.

There is no big stage or fancy lighting and sound equipment in sight, but this Marine puts on a stunning show.

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