Mini Elephant’s Entertaining Routine Wins Over The Crowd

Halloween brings out the creative streak in people. It’s a fun time of year when you get to reveal a different side of yourself. Your alter ego shines in the form of your choosing, whether it be a mermaid or some kind of character from a novel or movie. Maybe it’s a wizard or a police officer! Whatever it is, it’s the one night out of the year where it’s appropriate to don full garb and walk down the street without anyone looking at you like you’re weird.

And even pets get the full treatment! Owners go to town dressing up their furry friends. Some even compete in contests to see whose pet is the best dressed – these events are taken VERY seriously!

At a bar in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA, there’s the annual Strut, Wag and Rock Halloween costume contest for pets, in support of Vets4Pets Charitable Clinic, where 100% of the event’s proceeds go directly to the medical care of animals in need. Tammy, the cute, white fluff ball, isn’t actually too white or fluffy in this video. That’s because her owner has her dressed up as an elephant! How cute is that? A mini-elephant that runs and barks like a dog! But wait, it gets even better.

Tammy’s owner took it one step further. Instead of only being a teeny elephant, Tammy is a wind-up teeny elephant. She and her owner practiced a routine where Tammy needs to be “wound” up to stay up and running until she falls and has to be picked up again!

The video opens up to a clip of the event. The woman holding the camera immediately gushes, “Ohhh! That is the winner!” Tammy has just been wound up and she’s running around, approaching people in her adorable little outfit. It’s so strange to see an elephant so small, that already is enough of a draw, but then add in the winding up effect and you’ve got yourself a winner indeed!

Tammy drops to the floor only for an instant before her owner rushes over with a life-sized handmade key and “winds” her. The mini-elephant becomes alive again and runs to the next group of people before dropping down. The routine has amassed quite the crowd, everyone laughing and giggling at the creativity of their little show. Moments later, it’s done and Tammy’s costume is removed. She gives off a little shake, jumps out and everyone says, “aww!” This is some great costume inspiration!

Click on the video below to watch the act come together. It’s too cute!

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