Are Those MINION Cupcakes?! Learn How To Make The Cutest Cupcakes Ever In Just Minutes!

Odds are that you’ve at least heard of Minions. Or maybe you’ve seen their happy yellow faces on a T-shirt, a poster, a keychain, or… pretty much anything and everything. They’re insanely popular and that should come as no surprise considering how adorably hilarious they are. They made their debut in Despicable Me and audiences loved them so much that they ended up getting their own movie. [googlead]And if you still can’t get enough of them, check this out… Rosanna Pansino is a baker and YouTube user who decided to share her amazing creation with the world: Minion cupcakes! Basically, you need to make your bake your usual cupcakes and then you’ll use halved Twinkies to build your Minions. Your kids will love them! Who am I kidding, everyone loves Minions!

What you’ll need:

  • Cupcake Tray
  • Spatula
  • Banana Masher
  • Frosting Bags
  • Frosting Bag Couplers
  • Frosting Tips
  • Twinkies
  • Black Sprinkles
  • Smarties
  • Black Decorating Icing
  • White Creamy Frosting
  • Blue Food Colouring

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