Woman Finds Where Missing Socks Have Been Hiding

I always, I repeat, ALWAYS put two socks into the washing machine. You know the kind I mean. There’s the sock that goes on the left foot, and the sock that goes on the right foot. That’s it! And, I put ‘em both in, only to lose one sock from each pair.

Since I’ve convinced myself that I’m the crazy one and no washing machine or dryer on planet earth actually eats people’s socks, I hold onto the orphaned sock, hoping that one day, it’s mate will magically appear, or open the front door and apologize for walking out.

So, now my sock drawer is fraught with disarray and chaos because there are mismatched, unloved, unpaired socks, miserable and lonely, wondering what happened to their partner. And, I can’t just throw them out! That’s an invite for the other to quite possibly manifest and fall from the sky, and what good is that?

Well, now I know better. I know the real story, and so will you.

Here’s the truth: your washing machine is eating your socks and other tiny underthings that have mysteriously vanished without a trace. Cathy Hintz, a property manager, made a remarkable discovery when her husband stumbled upon the truth.

“Today, my husband got tired of fooling with one of the washing machines that was just not working properly and decided to take it apart, starting with the bottom panel. To his shock, this is what he found… Socks, underwear, a credit card… and that is just what was [at] the bottom of the machine. When he removed the water pump that removes the water from the machine, he found about $7.00 in change.”

The pictures say everything:

The images Cathy snapped are shocking. A heaping pile of one-off socks is crammed in the bottom of the machine, after having spent God knows how long in there. Imagine the look of shock and confusion on Cathy and her husband’s faces when they encountered this surprise.

Cathy goes on to admit that she and her husband have been in the business a long time, her husband working on appliances for over 25 years, including washers and dryers, but never in their time have they ever laid eyes on this.

I’m just happy there’s photo evidence now. I don’t feel so crazy anymore. And, if you want your belongings back, you now know where to find them!

Here’s a quick video on how to clean out the washer pump!

Source: Shareably

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