Golden Retriever’s Funny Antics At Dog Competition Are Embarrassing Mom

It’s no secret that dogs are our very best friends and that there are some excellent reasons for that. If you have a dog in your life, you know that they offer you unending happiness and, of course, unconditional love. Even if you are having the worst day possible, you know that you will come home and your dog will be there to greet you, tail-wagging and delighted that you’ve finally returned.

I’ve heard the expression: “Be the person your dog believes you are,” and it really rings true for me. I think that most of us try the best we can to be good people, but we may not always succeed. However, even when we fail, our loyal canine companions continue to have faith that we can become the best version of ourselves.

Despite how wonderful, loving, and trusting our dogs are, they are not always 100% perfectly behaved. Like us, they have their own issues, but they’re trying to do their best, regardless. It seems fitting that because our dogs cut us so much slack and believe that we can be good even when we fail, we owe them the same amount of understanding. Even if your dog is a little bit naughty or has an annoyingly bad habit, try not to forget that he always forgives you for your own shortcomings.

The adorable dog in this video may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve all of the love and acceptance in the world. If you ask me, he was given a nearly impossible task and did the best he could.

In the video, we see a setup for a dog training competition. There is a long carpet down the middle of the room and the dog is positioned at one end while their owner waits at the other end. When the clock starts, the owner must call the dog from their position and the dog who gets to its owner in the shortest amount of time wins. Sounds simple, right? Well, things get a lot more complicated — the path that the dogs must follow is lined with enticing treats like toys and yummy snacks.

The first couple of dogs in the video merely glance at the treats as they run by. Then, it’s the Golden Retriever’s turn. He just can’t resist all of the toys and snacks and honestly, who could blame him? Though he doesn’t win the competition, he still gets pats from his owner, and he certainly managed to put a smile on my face!

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