Chatty 1-Year-Old Wins Argument With Cute Comeback After Mommy Says “No”

I’m an adult (most days…) and sometimes, I still struggle to find the words (there are a LOT that float in my head). Finding that impactful word to help illustrate your point and give conviction to your argument is important when negotiating or debating, and in my case, writing. Words don’t literally break bones, but when used correctly, can in fact sting and win small wars!

This cute tot is well on his way to perhaps one day being a man of many words. But until then, he’s working with what he’s got. It’s not much, but he’s got spunk and personality, and sometimes that’s all you need to get started.

It’s a stimulating time in parenthood when your baby starts sounding like a tiny adult. Grunts are replaced with “Nos” and wide-eyes suddenly become “Yeses.” And even though full-on conversations aren’t quite realized, it’s the reciprocation when communicating that becomes obvious. The message sent and received might be incoherent, a form of toddler gobbledegook, but there is a back and forth understanding!

This video is a sweet and hilarious “argument” and lecture all rolled into one. When mom and her 1-year-old little boy were in the car, she noticed that he kept climbing towards the dash. Fearful he would fall or put himself into an unsafe situation, she resorted to explaining to him how he has to stay still. “No, you have to stay sitting down…Look at mommy. You have to stay sitting and you can’t climb anywhere.” The baby retorts to this situation.

Now, while we can’t quite understand the words he’s trying to say, he’s really trying to say them. His mouth and lips are moving while his tongue pops out and he spits a little. For every comment mom makes, the boy has something to mutter about, almost as though he’s arguing. At one point, he even starts to make sounds over her, taking over the conversation. It’s like he’s presenting his case and standing his ground. The back and forth goes on for a bit, getting cuter and cuter as the moments pass! His big eyes, chubby cheeks and really funny baby arguing is over the top adorable!

Have you seen a little tot this argumentative and stick to this point? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to read your stories!

Click on the video below to watch this chatterbox in the making.

Source: FaithTap

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