Musician Performs Drive-By Concerts For Friends From The Bed Of His Truck

Thousands of events from high school proms and graduations to music festivals and live concerts have had to be canceled or postponed because of the Coronavirus. It’s disappointing, but saying goodbye to these events temporarily is important to help inhibit how quickly the virus spreads. Fortunately, many have decided to take these events online instead, whether through prerecorded videos, live streams, or video chats. But let’s be real: they just don’t compare to the real deal.

That’s when a Huntington, California musician decided to get creative. Since Tanner Howe couldn’t get up close and personal with his closest pals and family members, he improvised by putting on drive-by concerts for them!

How’d he manage to do that, you ask? Well, first, the singer-songwriter decorated his truck, came up with a list of songs that he’d like to perform, and made sure to have cameras on hand, so he could record the reactions of those he’d end up playing for.

Initially, Howe had the idea to just visit his grandparents in Long Beach and a few other family members and friends near Orange County. Although, he decided to generously extend his performances to include neighbors along the way.

Once he figured out the route he’d take, Howe drove past several loved ones’ homes, notifying him of his arrival via a megaphone. The members of each household would come out with big smiles to enjoy the quarantine concert as Howe and his guitarist pal remained safely distanced as they played from the bed of the truck. How beautiful it was to see people grinning, dancing, singing along, or even tearing up at the performances. Even neighbors on bikes stopped in their tracks to enjoy the show right before their eyes.

The surprise quarantine concerts were ultimately a success!

Howe’s main reason for coming up with this unique idea was because he and his family “got tired of sitting at the house looking at each other.” That’s when he decided it’d be a great idea to not only entertain himself but his loved ones who were stuck at home bored just like he was. It was a thoughtful way to stay connected with the people he loves and definitely something they will never forget, even after the current pandemic.

Enjoy Howe singing to Justin Timberlake’s song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”  below. I think we could use more quarantine-friendly concerts like this. I’d pay him just to drive down my street to play for my neighbors and me!

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