Daddy And Toddler Sing “My Girl” In Front Of Mirror

I’ve always believed it’s the little things that count. Just give a child a gift wrapped in fancy wrapping paper and bows, and watch how he or she will give more attention to the ripped paper than the gift itself! It’s those small defining moments in time that stick to memory, leaving an everlasting impression. Sometimes those moments are nothing more than a minute or two spent doing something silly or daring with someone you love, or stumbling upon something that momentarily moves you, and yet they stick around forever! You may not remember the exact words someone said, but you’ll always remember the way they made you feel.

It’s beautiful moments like this that forge a bond, and add love and light to a child’s memory bank when they’re all grown up. These become some of the fondest memories for both parent and child. Not to mention how much it makes mom swoon when she gets to walk in on this!!

Mom Laura Caperton Richardson made sure she had her camera ready when she opened the door to the bathroom and saw this scene unfold. Dad’s got their sweet little daughter sitting on the bathroom sink in front of the mirror. He’s holding her hands while standing behind her. She looks all washed up and ready for bed, wearing quite possibly the cutest onesie I’ve ever seen in my life (now, if only it came in my size…), and the two start their show.

Dad cues his daughter in with the beginning of The Temptations’ “My Girl” by singing, “I got sunshine.” She jumps right in, mirroring what daddy’s singing. He goes on to start the lyric, and she finishes it off with her tiny, little squeaky voice! But the girl knows it! He starts, “I got sunshine…..” and then she comes in, “…on a cloudy day….”

Then it’s mostly just her, singing along and totally owning the rest of the song as she whips through the lyrics; she even pulls off a few dance moves thanks to dad! They are definitely a dynamic duo. This is such a sweet moment for her to look back on, and it just goes to show how close they are as a family. She is daddy’s little girl and always will be.

Click the video below to watch this little impromptu bedtime dance-off in the mirror. Could there be a better send off to dreamland?!

Source: FaithTap

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