11 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Insects Around The House

Seeing an unexpected creepy crawly in the bathtub or skedaddle across the floor when you’re brushing your teeth is enough to give you the heebie-jeebies. And with the warm summer months upon us, it seems like all these critters want to come out and play. With spiders cozying up behind your toilet or mosquitoes surprise attacking you outside when the sun goes down, we’ve got 11 DIY chemical-free, organic hacks to get rid of all these pests for good!

11. Fruit Flies
Grab a good sized jar, like a jam or pickle jar or a glass. Fill it halfway with apple cider vinegar. Then create a funnel out of a sheet of paper and place it into the mouth of the jar. The idea here is that the vinegar will attract the insects, and draw them in. Once they’re in, they’ll be trapped, and won’t be able to get out of the small hole, so they’ll drown. Yay!

10. Flies
Shoo flies out of your home by placing a small sponge saturated with lavender in a glass jar. Leave it out with the lid off. Alternatively, you can mix 30 drops of lavender with water in a spray bottle and just spray the mixture wherever you see the flies.

9. Carpenter Bees

There is a way to deter bees without killing them. They are important pollinators and play a vital role in the environment, however, they wreak havoc on your home. Drive them away by spraying the holes in which they live with citrus oil. Make your own by boiling citrus fruit rinds in water for 15 minutes. Pour into a spray bottle and spray them away!

8. Spiders
Spiders can be pests, especially in droves. Keep them at bay by mixing ½ cup of water with ½ cup of vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil. Spray into the corners and other spots spiders like to hide out in.

7. Stink Bugs
These stinky bugs (you know you’ve got ‘em if they emit a smell when handled) can be a little difficult to get rid of. But with this spray, you can get them out in no time. Mix 2 cups of water with crushed garlic and bring to a boil. Strain, shake well and spray around plants and windows! Alternatively, you can use 4 tablespoons of garlic powder if you don’t have fresh garlic.

6. Silverfish
Food crumbs help attract silverfish, so first things first, try to make sure there are zero crumbs to start. Next, dilute cedar oil with water and apply to nooks and crannies. The smell is pleasant to humans but very off-putting to silverfish. They should be gone in no time.

5. Bedbugs
No one likes these teeny tiny bloodsuckers. Dilute eucalyptus with water in a spray bottle and apply to mattress and bedding. Even while traveling, carry this solution in a small bottle with you and wipe down sheets, towels and more to prevent these bugs from making themselves at home in your belongings!

4. Wasps
Zap away wasps with two tablespoons of dish soap with water in a spray bottle. According to experts, if you spray directly onto the nest, this mixture will kill them immediately. Try to do it at night when the wasps aren’t as active, it’s much easier and less treacherous! This method is also effective at ridding spiders!

3. Ants
See an ant trail or ant hill? Spray directly with this: a cup of water, with a teaspoon of dish soap and a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. This solution will get ‘em good!

2. Mosquitoes
Say buh-bye to bites! Grab citronella candles or a diffuser using citronella and lemongrass essential oils. Or, buy a citronella or lemongrass plant and keep wherever the mosquitoes are!

1. Cockroaches
By far the creepiest of the bunch, repel these hard-to-kill bugs with this contraption. Cut off the top half of a soda bottle and invert so it looks like a funnel. Pour in a few tablespoons of sugar and fill halfway with water. Seal the rim with tape, and let the bottle stand as the cockroaches go in, but they don’t come out!

How did you find these tips? What tricks do you use to get rid of bugs around the house?

Source: Home Hacks

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