Baby Enjoys Getting His Heartbeat Checked By Nurse

As a kid, I enjoyed being plucked out of the classroom to go to the dentist. It meant I didn’t have to be in school for the afternoon and I’d probably get a lollipop at the end of it; and if I was really lucky, I’d get my favorite fast food meal on the way back home. But as I grew older, I started to realize that going to the doctor or dentist’s office was cramping my day. It means taking time out of my morning or afternoon to drive to the other end of the city, to wait around to get poked and prodded and then told some news I was avoiding anyways; like eat more iron, you’ve got a cavity, or take these pills. You know the drill.

But being a baby does have its perks. You are invincible! Everything is new and in a way, you get to call the shots. If you’re hungry, someone is going to feed you. If you’re cranky, someone is going to hold you, and if you’re tired, it’s socially acceptable to fall asleep wherever you choose!

For this sweet little baby, it was time for him to get his first checkup! Dad wanted to make sure his baby was developing as he should, and that he’s healthy and progressing! After the weigh-in, and the temperature check, it was time to monitor the baby’s heartbeat.

Usually, the stethoscope is cold and uncomfortable, but this little boy didn’t seem to mind. In fact, the moment it touched his skin, he seems to like it. The nurse carefully and lovingly placed it on the infant, as a big smile comes across his face, and the next moment is just too cute!

As she monitors his heartbeat, the baby adorably just curls over, his body bending around the nurse’s arm. He looks sleepy and comfortable and just overall appearing to be really ok with whatever it is that’s happening to him. He’s such a good sport! There’s a lot going on around him that he can’t explain or begin to understand, but he’s got this. He seems to accept that he’s in a safe space with his dad and a nice lady who only wants to help him. It’s such a cute little cuddle fest moment!

Click below to watch this baby melt into the nurse’s arm. He’s going to grow up to be a tough little guy!

Source: ShareTap

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