Nursing Home Residents Remake Popular Album Covers To Stay Entertained

Quarantine can be a very lonely thing, especially for the social butterflies who love to get out and about. I bet it’s just as difficult, if not more difficult, for residents of nursing homes. With visitors no longer being permitted at this time and with residents being asked to stay indoors, it’s a challenge to accept that this is the new, temporary reality. Sadly, many nursing home residents are struggling to adapt, and it’s understandable. It’s been months, and were are all still uncertain.

It’s no different at Sydmar Lodge Care in Edgware in North London. They are one of many nursing homes playing it extra safe during COVID-19, as they should. This way, they can help keep their residents as safe as possible. But of course, the last thing they’d want is for their residents to be unhappy under quarantine, so they got creative.

The activities director of the nursing home, Robert Speker, decided it would be a great idea to recreate famous album covers with help from the residents. This activity would keep residents entertained while helping them keep their minds off all the negative happening in the world right now. Anything to help keep the seniors laughing, smiling, and in good spirits.

Photoshoots ranged drastically. One resident recreated Adele’s album cover, 21. Another had the opportunity to recreate the cover of David Bowie’s classic Aladdin Sane cover with face makeup identical to Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character. Then another resident went a little more “wild” by recreating Blink-182’s album, Enema of the State, with a fake butterfly tattoo, nurse costume, red lipstick, and all. Of course, these were just some of the highlights; there were plenty more fun remakes where that came from!

Overall, the album recreation activity was a success, and the activities director was happy to have been able to coordinate this unique, COVID-19-friendly activity.

“As this situation is on-going, it could be months before the situation changes for them and the need to keep them happy, entertained, and full of spirit has never been more crucial,” Speker said. “It’s been my job and privilege.”

I think it would be great for more nursing homes to try a similar activity. Heck, I’d be great for anyone to try at home! I’m pretty inspired to recreate some of my favorite album covers myself.

Check out Sydmar Lodge Care’s residents’ recreations of album covers by watching the following video.

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