5 Dads Perform Comedic Dance Routine

I think one thing that everyone can relate to from school is a talent show. Each school hosted one every year, without fail, and it’s a big deal. There are different themes that you have to go by each year, you’re always thinking of how you can change up routine from last time, and there’s this excitement in the air at school.

One year my elementary school was hosting a talent show in the month of June, right before the end of the school year, and the theme was “Dads.” We were honoring fathers for Father’s Day and if you were a part of the show, you could have your dad be a part of your routine — it was optional. I remember opening this idea up to my dad and instantly regretting it — he would embarrass me, I thought to myself! But, it turned out he could shake a leg or two and was amazing! Very similar to the dads here on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

There’s a reason why talent shows have been popular throughout history: they have an element of surprise that is hugely entertaining. “Britain’s Got Talent” has been on the air since 2007 but it still manages to bring fresh showmanship every season.

One of the things I love about these shows is the fact that the talent comes from seemingly unlikely people, like these five dads who came onto the show and floored the judges, their audience, and everyone who was watching at home!

The aptly named Old Men Grooving is a group of old men who like to get groove out to music. “Imagine being their kids” one audience member says. Wouldn’t that be fun?! We can guarantee that these dads would keep their kids entertained (and quiet) to the point that mom would have to check in to see that everything is ok!

Aged between 40 and 60 years, these dads are grooving their way through modern-day pop songs, and they’ve got the judges laughing and dancing along to their tunes! The ever-so-hard-to-impress Simon Cowell wasn’t looking too enthusiastic when the group started out, but by the end of their performance, he had a change of heart; you can see him laughing along with the audience.

After all that, it may be possible that you still can’t imagine a group of dads put on a fantastic show on “Britain’s Got Talent” — it’s ok, neither could I! You gotta see it to believe it. So, here it goes.

Click on the video below and watch this act unfold!

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