Little Boy Dresses As A Cop And Visits Nursing Homes

Spreading love and kindness never goes to waste. It’s a gift that keeps going and going, and can be given and received by anyone, no matter how old, how young or whether you know the person or not. And it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Something sweet and simple that touches hearts is all it takes to brighten someone’s day. Maybe it’s a simple conversation or a hug.

When it comes to the lightness of a child in a senior home, that energy is a gift. It spreads like wildfire and doesn’t go unnoticed. In fact, it is fully appreciated and uplifting.

With his mom Brandi Davis,  6-years-old Oliver Davis is helping leave a lasting impression on the many lives he’s already touched. When he’s not in school or spending time with this family, the wannabe police officer from Kansas, USA, is off visiting senior residents at retirement homes in Leawood. When he grows up, he wants to be an officer, and says about them, “They help people and they are nice to people.”

It looks like the little boy is getting a head start because he’s been visiting senior homes, giving people countless hugs and flowers. The boy is the opposite of shy and loves to spread the joy. Brandi says, “He believes he’s a real police officer, and since he can’t work at the police station yet, this is his way of helping out the community.”

And the elderly love him, welcoming him and his mom with open arms everytime they show up. Brandi continues, “I can’t stop smiling because I see how happy he makes them and how he got in the car after the last retirement home and said, ‘I feel so good right now.’ So it makes me feel like we’re doing something right, and it makes me feel great that he is being impacted also by this.”

Notice the little uniform Oliver’s got on? Yep, he’s even dressing the part and has a little motorcycle he zooms in on between rooms on visits.

Monty Duerksen, 84, a resident at one of the few homes he goes to says, “He brings a lot of love to these nice people.” This is the fourth home he’s visited in a month! What a little ball of joy. It’s easy to see how much this little boy is appreciated. His heart is so big and bursting with lots of love to share, sprinkling happiness everywhere he goes.

Click on the video below to watch some heartfelt, teary-eyed hugs and interactions between Oliver and the people he loves to visit!

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