Man Opens Tin Can With A Normal Everyday Spoon

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself stuck with a can and no can opener in sight. And to add insult to injury, I always make this discovery mid-meal. It’s only once the rice is ready and a few more ingredients are needed to add to the sauce, that I reach for the can of tomatoes or beans or corn and realize, I am left high and dry. Of course, this usually happens after I’ve just moved houses, or I’ve gone on a camping trip, or if I’m on vacation and cooking in my room.

And what if there is a zombie apocalypse? Or I’m ravenously hungry and just need to crack open a can and get to the good stuff? Well, this video is a gamechanger, and I’ve already watched it three times. Allow me to pass on this nugget of wisdom.

Start with your can flat on a counter surface. Grab a metal spoon, a sturdy one, not one of those flimsy metal ones from the dollar store. Next, grip it firmly right where the handle opens up into the spoon part so the fleshy part of your palm covers about half the spoon, revealing a little bit more than just the tip.

With your other hand, securely hold the can to stop it from moving, and press down the tip of the spoon, rubbing it down on the lid of the can near the edge on the seam. Keep doing it until you’ve created a groove. Continue along while still applying pressure until the seal is pierced. Once you see the goodies inside, insert the tip of the spoon and start to “cut” along the circumference of the can.

This technique will effectively open the can to the point where you can lift the lid up. However, this is where you want to exercise caution. The edge of the lid is jagged, and sharp and can easily cut or harm you. Using safety gloves and moving slowly and deliberately is advised.

And, presto! You’ve got your can open and ready for use using only a spoon and some elbow grease. I love this trick, and even though I have now accumulated more than enough kitchen odds and ends, including far too many can openers, I might just try this one out tonight. And tell every single person I know about it.

Click the video below to watch DaveHax show you the ropes.


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