10 Wacky Recipes That Are Like Watching A Train Wreck

Ketchup goes on fries. Mustard goes on hot dogs. Fritos go in a bowl. Bologna goes in a sandwich. Do we see a pattern here? Ok, now take a step back, and prepare to have your gastronomic world turned upside down.

YouTuber emmymadeinjapan experiments using common North American recipes but with a freaky twist, simultaneously making her audience cringe with delight and raise eyebrows. She explores unusual (albeit highly entertaining) recipes like prison food (Coca-Cola And Strawberry Jam Ramen Salad) to vintage favorites (Spaghetti-O And Vienna Sausage Mold Cake) that for some, bring up fond memories, and for others, might require an acquired taste.

Her videos are extremely creative, easy to follow and well-produced. Whatever Emmy is cooking up in her kitchen, she applies the same gusto and curiosity to each recipe, regardless of how off-the-wall it might be. After all, the basis of her exploration is to find out what each recipe tastes like.

Here are ten wild recipes that challenge the contexts of food – and your morals!

10. Maille Mustard Carrot Cake

Uh huh, kick that carrot cake recipe up a few notches by throwing in some whole grain mustard. According to Emmy, “…that’s a delicious spice cake. I’m going to take another bite…” Want the recipe, see it here.

9. Sweet And Dilly Kool-Aid Pickles

It’s not the prettiest looking thing on the outside, but inside, it’s red! And it’s also referred to as a koolickle – so that’s kinda kool. “The flavor is pretty good… for what it is!” says Emmy. See how to make your own, here.

8. Hellman’s Mayonnaise Volcano Chocolate Cake

Fact: During the Great Depression in the 1930s, eggs, and oil were harder to come by. The main ingredients in mayo are just that, eggs and oil.  The perfect substitution, no? “It is very, very, very very moist….” “Just marvelous!” declares Emmy, while licking her lips. Check out the entire recipe, here.

7. Fritos Texas Pie In A Bag

In a rush? Want something between a snack and a meal? This is fast food heaven on earth, and it fits in the palm of your (one!) hand. No need for using two hands to hold this crunchy, creamy, limey and spicy delight. It’s mess-free! Want to give this is a try? Here’s the full recipe!

6. Spaghetti-O And Vienna Sausage Jell-O

Looks strange, but as per Emmy, “The Spaghetti-O goes really well with the sausage. I’m actually amazed.” Want to up the ante? Decorate with spray cheese. Craving some of your own? Get the recipe, here.

Do you feel that these recipes didn’t fill your appetite just yet? Not to worry, go on to the next page and check out what else Emmy has in store!


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