Dad Puts Mayonnaise Into His Batter For Chocolate Cake

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As much as I love making food, I like eating it more. And because I like eating it so much, I have to perfect my craft to support my eating habits! Which means I’m always on the lookout for ways to lessen my time in the kitchen but maximize the taste of my output! And with baking, I could always do with a couple extra shortcuts or inspiration. Can you ever really know too much about whipping up delightful sweet treats in the kitchen? Likely not! There’s always a thing or twenty to learn about baking made easy and more delicious!

I tend to get outrageous hankerings for chocolate cake out of thin air, which leaves me with no choice but to comply and make it. I’m always making cake or cupcakes! So I’m a bit of snob and when I learned that mayo was the secret ingredient, I died and went to heaven. It really does the job. Lush, velvety, moist, fluffy – you name it. This recipe has to be one of the best that I’ve encountered so far — and like I said, I like to bake a lot, so there’s no doubt that I’ve gone through a ton of them!

Here’s the rundown, but there’s also a link below for 19 other baking hacks too. I can guarantee that even if you’re not a baker, you’ll want to get your apron on and make a move into the kitchen to bake up some delicious delectables! Before you dive right in, here’s another full disclosure – all these hacks are really handy and clever, like melted marshmallows as frosting. Genius!

Preheat oven to 350 F. Dump one box of cake mix into a bowl.

Crack in three eggs…

…then add two heaping tablespoons of mayo.

Put in 1/3 cup of vegetable oil…

…and add in a cup of water.

Mix really well.

Pour in greased retractable cake pan.

Skip the flour, and sprinkle cocoa powder inside the pan to stop your cake from sticking.

Secure wet tea towel around the pan to keep cake level, and pour in.

Bake for 25 minutes and bingo. Enjoy!

But, like I said, there’s more where this trick came from!

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