9-Year-Old Boy Spots Homeless Mom And Son, So He Starts Taking His Shoes Off

People all over live the meaning of “age is just a number”—this happens every single day. There are so many uplifting stories about the elderly getting up and busting into a dance; couples finding love and companionship long after they thought “they were too old to love again.” There’s never the right age or time to do things that you want, and sometimes, people come with maturity and understanding way beyond their age. I’m going to share a story of one such person here today.

Meet 9-year-old Cheikh Faizal from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He’s a little boy who lives a very normal life. He walks to school and then walks back home, does his homework, spends time with his family, plays with his friends and is living in a comfortable world. He can also be classified as a 9-year-old who is a compassionate humanitarian.

One day, as he was walking down the street with his dad, passing the Bukit Bintang in his city, he noticed a homeless woman and her child sitting on the pavement. The woman was trying to make ends meet with whatever people dropped in her lap; the little boy seemed to be in good spirits while playing with an umbrella sitting beside the mother-son duo.

As Cheikh is walking down the road, you can tell that the two sitting on the ground instantly attract his attention. As his dad is walking by the mom and her son, Cheikh runs up to them and calls his dad over. Then he notices something about the little boy. He wasn’t wearing any shoes.

At this point in the video, things start getting so much more heartfelt. Just when you’re feeling sad watching the distressed situation the mom and her son are in, Cheikh decides to do something about it. He instantly starts taking his shoes off. As you’re wondering what he could possibly be doing, the boy tears the socks off his feet and gives them to the young child whose feet are bare.

Cheikh takes his act of kindness one step further by helping the little boy put the socks on—he literally takes the boys feet and puts the socks on for him. Dad then jumps in to help his son put the shoes on the helpless boy as well. Just when you thought that it couldn’t get sweeter than this, Cheikh proves how heartfelt he really is. He plants a kiss on the other boy’s cheek, showing his love for him in his time of despair. This clip is bound to make you tear up.

Click on the video below and watch Cheikh help the little boy in need.

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