Woman Dumps Ingredients Into Instant Pot And Shows How You Can Make Dinner In Minutes

Dylan And Leslie, YouTube

I love to cook. There’s nothing I’d rather do than be in my kitchen with a cup of coffee, trying out various recipes to serve my family. There’s something about cooking that is so soothing to me. It gives me an opportunity to have some me-time while learning something new and being creative. I know there are so many others who would agree with me on this one.

But, as much as we like to cook and enjoy our time in the kitchen, there is also the fact that sometimes you don’t cook as often as you’d like to, right?

Although it’s important to find that work-life balance and do things that take your mind off stressful situations, we sometimes find ourselves stuck at the office for longer than we expected. Or, you may have the perfect meal idea in mind you remember you signed up to babysit your cousin’s kids while she runs a couple of errands.

A well-balanced meal, three times a day, is really important for our well-being. I try to make fresh food all the time and to help expedite the cooking process, I know a lot of people have turned to a handy kitchen apparatus. Enter, the Instant Pot.

Those who use the Instant Pot say that the cooking process is expedited 10 folds, and gourmet meals are ready within minutes. The Instant Pot is a one-stop-shop that offers fresh food without having to compromise too much of your time, after a long day. In a recent story shared on Metaspoon, one blogger attributes her drastic weight loss to the Instant Pot. She said that the reason she was able to lose so much weight was that she began cooking food at home, and this kitchen appliance made it so easy to cook meals that would otherwise take too long.

The video below shows a quick comparison between the Instant Pot and the Crock Pot. The woman explains that it takes an average of 35 minutes to cook a meal in the former, and if you’re cooking meats, you don’t have to thaw them out either! Both types of pots have their respective benefits, and it’s not wrong to use one over the other. And, if you’re like me, then you probably have both sitting in your kitchen! You never know when you’ll need them!

So, to learn more about the differences between these two popular pots, click on the video below!  And, if you’re now interested, click here and start shopping for your very own Instant Pot!

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