Little Girl Sends Wishlist By A Balloon, Grieving Couple Makes It Come True

A birthday wish, a Christmas wish, any kind of wish… they all come from the heart as an expression of our truest desires from a little part inside of us. They can be big or small but no matter what, there’s always a chance that they might happen, although we never know until they do! The idea here is to never stop believing because dreams really do come true! Haven’t we all wished on a twinkling star or on a coin thrown into a fountain? Sometimes blessings show up in the strangest of ways, but they do come knocking on our door if we have faith!

Just like this little girl who made a wish, tied it to a balloon, and got special visitors and a delivery just for her! Once you put something out into the universe, you never know what you’ll get, miracles included!

Randy Heiss from Patagonia, Arizona, was hiking not far from his home when he stumbled upon a deflated balloon in the grass. At first, it looked like trash, but upon closer inspection, there was a ribbon and note tied to it. On one side it said, “Dayami,” a girl’s name, and on the other, there was a list of items in Spanish. Randy brought it home and his wife translated it. It appeared to be a Christmas wishlist sent to Santa Claus in the North Pole, listing items such as art supplies, paint, magic markers, clothes, and a coloring book.

“It was was a kid’s Christmas wish. You can’t turn away from that. Some little kid put that list out there in good faith hoping something would happen with it so I just knew, at that moment, that I had to do everything I could to fulfill that list,” says Randy. With the help of this wife, the pair set out to find the girl. Using only the note, they were able to draw clues that Dayami could be from Nogales, Mexico. When they contacted the radio station, XENY, the couple and the host were able to piece together the mystery and locate the girl within an hour!

Randy and his wife picked up everything on the girl’s wishlist, wrapped it and delivered it to Dayami and her sister days later. The couple found healing joy in bringing gifts to these girls who were very happy their wishes came true! “We lost our son nine years ago. So we don’t have grandchildren in our future and so really getting to share Christmas with kids was something that’s been missing in our lives.”

Click the video below to watch this grieving couple be able to give back to another child.

Source: NBC News

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