Senior Dogs Get Married So They Can Get Adopted Together

Marriage is the union of two souls together for eternity. A promise, a commitment, a knot that is tied and gets tighter as the years wear on and the love grows. While each wedding might look a little different, the concept is always the same–every couple is a package deal.

We’ve all been to a wedding before. We’ve seen the happy couple, surrounded by friends and family, make their vows to love each other forever and always put each other first. This one is definitely not your average wedding, but it’s filled with just as much love, and certainly a lot more adorableness!

Jack and Diane (cue the John Cougar Mellencamp song!) are two senior mixed-breed dogs who were found tied together and left alone in a cemetery in Chelsea, Maine, USA. The staff who found them could tell the two pups had a unique bond. Their behavior towards one another appears to run much deeper than just casual friends or puppy love. Once they were taken into the Kennebec Valley Humane Society, it’s obvious how attached they were. The two are inseparable and love to spend hours cuddling with each other.

Jack is 10 and his temperament is pretty low-key and laid back. Staff members from the shelter say he is very “treat-motivated” but most notably, is very much a gentleman. Diane, who is 7, tends to be a little bossier and likes to take the lead when they go on adventures together. They are definitely a match made in doggy heaven. So much so, Diane is known to get extra excited when Jack is around and does a little dance when she sees him coming towards her!

This sweet pair has been at the shelter for some time. To help them get adopted and to celebrate their undeniable love, volunteers decided to have a wedding for them and share it on social media. There was a red carpet, an altar, rose petals and even a separate room for Diane to put on her veil without Jack seeing her! The dogs were dressed up in their finest attire as a volunteer officiated their union. Jack and Diane are officially married–by the power vested in the shelter.

There was even a pizza party reception where staff snuck a few pepperoni slices to the newlyweds. And now for their honeymoon, hopefully, a nice quiet home where they can be adopted together!

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