Kids In School Bus Sing Grandma A Sweet “Happy Birthday”

The greatest gift is to feel loved on your birthday, on the day you came into this world. After all, it’s a celebration about you, right? Every year might be celebrated a little differently–maybe you’re in a new city surrounded by new faces doing something for the first time – or maybe it’s just as simple as being on your front doorstep and getting an unexpected but heartwarming surprise!

Wherever you are, whoever you’re with and whatever you’re doing, the concept stays the same. Your birthday is your day to feel special! It’s about friends, family, loved ones and sometimes even strangers acknowledging you and your being on this planet! It feels nice to feel loved, doesn’t it?

Doris waits every day at the end of her driveway to blow kisses to kids driving by on their way to school in the school bus, a tradition that started years and years ago when she would walk her own granddaughter up to the bus, and kiss her goodbye. Doris’ everyday routine includes making treats for the kids on holidays, even rescheduling her doctor’s appointments so as not to miss the moment the packed bus drives by. Doris loves waving and blowing kisses to the kids so much that it was a neighbor who called the school to let them know that Doris’ birthday was coming up and something had to be done!

Imagine this grandma’s surprise one unexpected morning when she goes outside to say hi. The bus approaches, slowing down as the door opens. The kids have made a gift to give to her. Then, everyone gathers near the windows, pulls them down and starts serenading the woman, singing “Happy Birthday” in adorable unison! We can’t see Doris’ face, but her body language says it all. Her hands fly up to cover her mouth as she leans over in surprise. She looks back with her hand on her mouth, delighted that they thought of her! Listen in to how they all refer to her as “Grandma” at the end of the song, each child smiling and waving as she happily waves back!

It’s such a sweet story and it absolutely makes Doris’ day, every day. The fact that the school and the kids banded together to come up with a thoughtful gift for Doris just sent her over the moon.

Click below to watch this very happy grandma get the best birthday gift yet!

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