Bride In Wheelchair Learns How To Dance For Her Big Day

Doesn’t everyone love to dance? Sure, you may think you have two left feet, but doesn’t it actually feel good to move and feel life flowing through you? Dancing is proven to lighten your mood, improve blood flow and generally lift your spirits whether you’re dancing around at home while vacuuming (guilty as charged) or taking lessons. Plus, there are times in life where you are expected to dance, and don’t you want to? Like the first dance with your spouse at your wedding, a pretty significant rite of passage that means a lot to newlywed couples.

For Kirsty Capella, 27, from Birmingham, UK, it means the world to her. Born with damage to her spine and later developing multiple sclerosis, Kirsty has been bound to a wheelchair since birth. With her confidence totally knocked down and a wedding coming up, she knew there were a couple of things she had to do if she wanted to get ready for her big day.

The young woman enrolled in dance classes so she could feel better about herself, and be ready to for the first dance with her new husband on her big day. Freewheelin’ is an inclusive dance group that brings people in wheelchairs together to learn dance styles including Ballet and Jazz—even Samba. Since signing up, she’s improved drastically and looks forward to her classes where she’s learning basic moves and steps. “I only started six months ago, just before I was going to get married because I wanted to learn how to dance my first dance.” And she got way more than just a few lessons.

To be able to join a group like this helps so many get out of their social isolation by providing an opportunity to connect and meet new people. Not only has her confidence been restored, but she’s also met others who share her passion for dancing. Kirsty loves her classes. A year ago, never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would ever dance in her wheelchair, let alone find a community and sparkle and shine on her wedding day–dreams do come true! Kristy’s hard work paid off learning all kinds of twirls and spins and upper body movement. For Kirsty, “It makes Fridays fantastic,” and as for her first dance with her husband? No one will ever forget it.

Click below to watch her first dance.

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