8-Week-Old Puppy Born With Paws Inside Out Will Be Walking Soon

For a dog, being active is everything. Running in fields, chasing balls, swimming in water and jumping through sprinklers–these are some of the best things about being a pup! Everything is new and exciting and there’s just so much of the world to explore. With boundless energy and a nose that loves to sniff out adventure, can you really expect a puppy to remain still? It’s in them to want to break free and take on the great unknown!

Humans too. We like to travel and push our limits, and when we break an arm or leg, it feels like the world just goes on without us! It’s boring to have to stay at home and heal. Necessary, but definitely a buzzkill. Same applies for a pup. A cast isn’t enjoyable for anyone, but a good solid recovery makes a huge difference in the quality of life.

Milo, the part beagle, part coonhound puppy was born with a very rare birth defect where his elbows are twisted in, and his paws are turned up, rendering him unable to move on his own. Jennie Hays, owner of Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary, in Luther, Oklahoma, took the 8-week old puppy in from a breeder. “He’s loud and opinionated, but he’s also so sweet and cuddly. He’s just a great little puppy,” she says.

Milo’s mobility was so limited, he’d use his back paws to move while having to rely on his front paws to “army crawl” around. Even in his condition, however, the sweet dog would still wag his tail and keep going, never giving up. He’s got a will to live so strong, Jennie was blown away from day 1 by his lust for life. The little guy is a fighter, for sure.

Still, even with a sunny disposition, Milo needed help.”He wouldn’t have had any quality of life past another month or two, so it [the surgery] was definitely required.” Dr. Erik Clary at the Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences led Milo’s intense and complicated surgery. With such a rare deformity, extreme care during the procedure was taken into account.

Now, Milo is at home recovering in casts and taking it easy until they can come off. That’s when the doctor will be able to get a better idea of whether he’ll be able to walk. Right now, things are looking hopeful!

Click below to watch incredible Milo’s recovery.

Source: NY Daily News

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