Woman Demonstrates A Simple Way To Thread A Needle

How many of you use a thread and needle to make quick fixes in your fabric? I know I still do. It’s been one of my favorite things to be able to do, from when I was growing up. I would wait for the day I was going to my grandma’s house and then ask her if she had any buttons to sew back on to shirts, or any holes that needed some patchwork. I think she knew I loved to sew (or try to), so she always had a job ready for me.

She would give me a button to put back on a shirt, or sweater; she would also equip me with my very own needle with the thread already through the eye. Because I never really paid attention to how my grandmother used to put the needle through the eye, I didn’t get a chance to develop a technique for it. Today, I’m doing it all wrong.

I think we’re all guilty of trying to put the thread in by licking it at the end so that it is narrow enough to go through the eye. Other methods include just aimlessly trying to weave the string through and hoping that it takes less time than your last attempt.

The video below, however, shows one of the quickest ways of threading the needle that I’ve ever seen. It’s an easy way to go about your stitching in no time! And, of course, all you really need is a needle and some thread!

Click on the link below to watch the quickest way to thread your needle the next time you sit down to sew.

Source: YouTube

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