Little Girl Cries Listening To Andrea Bocelli And Elmo

Music has such incredible power to stir emotion. Think of the last time you heard your favorite song; or, how fast household chores went when you played an album you hadn’t heard in ages. And, what about that haunting theme track you came across in a movie that sent chills down your spine? Your wedding song? Your happy dance song? Any little ditty that gets stuck in your head and adds a little pep to your step, or makes you stop what you’re doing and take a walk down memory lane – that’s the true beauty of music, a universal language that speaks to everyone, young or old!

So, when Andrea Bocelli was brought on to “Sesame Street” as a part of a segment with Elmo, it’s no surprise that their duet was an emotional hit among adults and children.

The producers of “Sesame Street” had a stroke of genius when they thought up the idea to bring Andrea Bocelli in as a special guest. Alongside Elmo, his classic “Time to Say Goodbye” was reimagined to become “Time to Say Goodnight” in a delightfully sweet part of the show to help encourage bedtime for kids. The appearance shows Andrea trying to tuck Elmo in at nighttime, but the beloved red fuzzy character is reluctant, insisting that he’s not tired.

And so, Andrea breaks into his song, a lullaby to help Elmo fall asleep, and it’s beautiful. Andrea’s heavenly voice speaks to the soul to the point where he is able to elicit such emotion from anyone (and mostly everyone!) who watches this episode, like this mom and her little girl.

In the video, mom is on the couch with her adorable little girl, watching Andrea and Elmo on TV. Mom is recording her daughter’s emotional reaction from start to finish and it’s absolutely precious. The girl’s eyes are glued to the screen all the way through as she experiences a range of emotion. At first, she is transfixed, appearing curious and clearly enjoying what she’s watching. As Andrea starts to sing, she leans forward a little more, looking mesmerized, hardly blinking! Her lip is pouted out a bit as she breaks her stare to give mom a look. At this point, she’s on the brink of tears, for no reason other than being emotionally engaged.

This little girl is dealing with some complex emotions, trying to filter through the beauty and haunting tone of the song she’s hearing. In the end, she is full on crying, as her mom brings her in closer for a hug, saying, “Poor baby, come here. It’s ok.” She just had her first soul-stirring experience! This toddler is an old soul from another time and place with a deeply loving, poetic heart! She appreciates heartfelt music and can pick up on some of the more complicated emotions even some of us adults struggle with. What a cutie! I hope she gets a big hug and lots of love and continues to develop a better understanding of how emotions and feelings work!

Click below to watch this sweet little girl get a taste of how evocative music can be!

Source: YouTube

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