Orphaned Baby Bat Cries Out Loud Until She Gets Rescued

The beautiful thing about humanity is our caring, empathetic nature. Many humans are more than happy to help the animals on our planet get back on their feet whether they are injured, sick, disabled, or even abandoned by their family. To give back to the fellow animals we share Earth with may seem like the least we could do, but many people don’t think to engage in these selfless acts.

Denise, a bat rescuer in Brisbane, Australia, is an example of someone who goes the extra mile to help animals. In fact, in one popular video going around on the Internet, we witness her caring character as she goes to save an abandoned baby bat.

In the video, we spot the tiny bat hanging upside-down from a tree limb. Denise fills us in: “Mom’s dead on the road. She died on the powerlines up above…And this poor baby has been here for a couple of days.”

As the bat rescuer is talking, we can’t help but notice the high-pitched cries the poor thing is making. According to Denise, when a baby bat makes the cries that we hear in the video, it’s important to call a professional out. This often indicates that the baby is distressed and needs help. In this pup’s case, it was clear that she was lacking the basic care she required as her mother was no longer around to provide her with anything. Cold, hungry, and lonely, Denise was determined to help give the tiny bat a new life, and she did.

Before reading on to see how the baby bat is now doing, be sure to watch the first clip below.

Once rescued, Denise gave a name to the sweet baby bat: Miss Sapphire. In her update video below, the pup is wrapped in a pink blanket and sucking on a special pacifier, looking safe and sound and no longer making fearful cries.

According to Denise in the second video, it was discovered that Miss Sapphire too was hit by the powerline and lost two out of her five toes as a result. She also mentions that toe number three was also damaged, however, has a good blood supply and may make a full recovery. If the bat’s third toe ends up recovering, Miss Sapphire will be fine to go back to the wild. “Other than that, she’s doing really good. Growing well and doing everything she should be doing, flapping and feeding well, so [we will] just have to wait and see,” says Denise.

Fortunately, the rescuer is confident that everything will be good and that the bat will grow up to be strong and healthy, despite her difficulties so early on in life.

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Source: Reshareworthy

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