Owner Confronts Pup For Eating His Cookie

We love our dogs so so much. This is the exact reason why we are always trying to discipline them—we don’t want them to harm themselves or anyone else. Right? We also want to watch their diets to ensure that what they’re eating is healthy and try our level best to keep them away from foods that may make them sick.

Obviously, some dogs are sneaky little pups who still get around the restrictions (somehow) and manage to treat themselves to something their owners have refused to give them. The boxer in the video below is a perfect example of this type of mischievous canine.

Faith the boxer sniffed it that there is a Starbucks, chocolate chip cookie sitting on the kitchen counter. She’s well aware that she isn’t supposed to have sugar/sweets, but she’s still tempted to take a bite out of the delicacy. So she climbs the counter and takes the cookie. Simple.

Her owner immediately notices that not only is his chocolate chip cookie missing, but also that the wrapper is drenched in dog saliva! The culprit is very easy to identify in this case, and so the owner goes on to confront his pet and boy, does that make for a hilarious conversation.

Upon being confronted about the entire ordeal, Faith doesn’t even make eye-contact with the man—even when he’s demanding an answer! It’s actually quite funny. Although the owner sounds a bit stern, it is all in fun and games, to see how the dog would react to being caught!

Eventually, the two hug it out, and the disappointed owner comes to terms with the fact that Faith indeed ate his cookie. All’s well that ends well, I guess.

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