Only The Highly Creative Thinkers Will Pass This IQ Test — Find Out If You’re One Of Them


My art teacher always used to say that creativity goes beyond the classroom. You can’t be a distinguished creative just because you’re great at painting scenic photos. You’re definitely a great artist, but you need to be more than merely good with a paintbrush to be titled “creative.”

However, something like the quiz below can maybe help you discover just how creative you are. They say that only “highly creative thinkers” will pass it. So take it and see if you fit the bill!

Let’s talk about the results!

It seems like not all of those questions were so easy, eh? I know I struggled with a couple, but my results tell me that I’m a highly creative thinker! If you’ve also passed with flying colors, then you’ve probably been told that your thinking is sharp, you have excellent problem-solving skills and “high tolerance for ambiguity.” All great skills to have if you ask me!

Creative thinking is obviously not limited to the things that were asked in the quiz above — there is so much more that can, and will, deem you to be an imaginative person!  You can be a great chef and make works of art with the food you serve;  you’re storytelling skills may be so good that you leave your audience thinking “How does she do it!?” The list of ways in which you are a highly creative person is endless!

What did the quiz have to say about your creativity? We’d love to know in the comments below!

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