This Impulse Quiz Will Tell You Your Greatest Inner Strength


Everyone has an inner strength that they don’t know about. Or, maybe they know about it, but they don’t know that it exists to such a high degree and that it plays such a big part in their day-to-day decision-making process. For example, we may not even know how strong we are until we really need to step up to the plate and be brave — that’s when the inner strength of courage comes into play.

But, there are so many other strengths that you may be harboring. Take the quiz below to find out which is your strongest one!

So, what did the results have to say about your inner strength?

You could have got anything — courage, kind, intuitive — based on the way you answered the questions, but this isn’t meant to hone in one quality and disregard all others. The results of this quiz are intended to highlight which character trait is the one that’s you’re strongest, and kicks in when you least expect yourself to act/behave in a certain way.

This characteristic is one that helps you lead your decisions. For example, for those who got “Courage” as their strongest attribute, they say that you’re really stronger than you think and it’s courage that unknowingly helps you step forward and up when you’re in a difficult situation. Things need to be done, easy or hard, and it’s courage that gives you that leap of faith. You may not always feel so strong, but you’re stronger than you think!

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