Quiz: What Reason To Give Gran The Next Time She Asks You Why You’re Still Single

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like a lot of people are concerned with whether or not I am dating someone. I can walk into a room full of 100 other people, but the attention is always on my love life and not anything else. Do I sound frustrated? Truth be told: it can get a little bit out of hand.

The only person that I enjoy talking about my dating escapades is my grandma. She will leave me to be with whatever answer I give her, and she’s sure to stop others dead in their tracks if they’re about to question me. (Of course, it’s because she knows all the answers to my love life). Do you need some solid answers to give gran when talking about your love life, take the quiz and see where that conversation can go!


As per the quiz above, the next time my grandma asks me why I’m single, I have the perfect answer: I’m waiting for the perfect person. I know this is a surefire way to spark up a conversation about where and how I can potentially find this “perfect person,” and to be honest I’m about that.

It’s great to hear stories about how my grandmother met the love of her life, and I’m sure she’ll be suggesting that I find my soulmate at the college cafeteria next time I stop by there for lunch (because that’s how they met, you know).

How did you find the results of this quiz? Are you ready for the next time gran asks you when you’re going to be in a relationship?

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