Only 1 In 50 Women Can Pass This Men’s Quiz. Are You One Of Them?

Ladies, have you ever come across a situation in life where you have thought to yourself, “What would my husband/boyfriend/partner do in this case?” Simply put — sometimes, women are just curious to understand things from a male’s perspective — it can even be fun walking in his shoes for a bit and knowing what thoughts he has to endure, and you don’t (hah!).

The quiz below is designed for women to test and see if they can answer questions that are particular to men and what they should know. So, give it a shot and see how you do!


So, what is the first thing you’d do if you encounter a flat tire? Or, what really cures that hangover after a Saturday night of drinking and partying it up with the guys? (I think most men would say more vodka will do the trick!)

I’ll be the first to admit that I failed miserably on this quiz — goes to show that I don’t think in-line with my significant other at all, do I? But hey! I may not know that the wide end goes underneath the thinner end when tying a tie, but I do know that roses are every man’s go-to flower on Valentine’s Day! I can pretty much guarantee that!

How did you fair with this quiz? We’d love to know in the comments below!

Source: Playbuzz

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jepu 3 years ago
Good quiz, except I don't know which I answered correctly and ones I got wrong.
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