Talented Man Dressed Up As A Janitor Plays Piano Version Of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

How we present ourselves says a lot about our personalities. If we wear brightly-colored articles of clothing, we might be perceived as cheerful and outgoing. And those who dress frequently in formal attire are often regarded as wealthy and/or of status. The truth is, how we appear doesn’t always reflect what our values are, where we’ve come from, and what our personalities may be like.

So, as a bit of a social experiment as a way to keep his identity low-key, a professional concert pianist decided to dress up as a janitor. Wearing blue coveralls with big, white letters reading “Staff” on the back along with a mop and bucket as a prop, the so-called janitor pretended to clean before casually sliding over to the piano off to his left.

Before the janitor even began to tickle the ivories, nobody thought to do a double-take. He was just your everyday cleaner, after all. But once he began to play “Bohemian Rhapsody,” many eyes turned to look at the uniformed man!

Not long into his rendering of the 1975 Queen classic, a woman in a skirt and boots begins to record him with her phone. She knows good talent when she hears it! While the piano might not be tuned properly, the man still puts on a jawdropping performance.

Then the building the pianist is playing in gets increasingly more packed. Although many passers-by are swiftly walking by to get to where they need to be, others take the time out of their busy days to stop and record, or at least watch, the act.

The next thing you know, dozens of people, many of whom are loaded down with luggage and shopping bags, are now standing around watching as the disguised pianist puts on an impressive show. Surely, the crowd is equally as curious in the fact that his skills don’t match his “profession” as they are in his impeccable piano-playing!

Then the best part: an actual janitor walks by to glance at the show put on by his “coworker!” He’s probably secretly wondering where the “new” uniforms came from and when the “new guy” was hired.

As the last key is hit, the pianist turns around to a massive circle of people admiring his performance, clapping and cheering him on, before he goes back to playing his janitorial role.

“People thought he was a cleaner because he swept them off their feet,” one commenter jokes.

Listen to the “janitor” pianist’s incredible rendition below!

Source: Ron Project

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