How To Grow Fresh Potatoes Right At Home

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ potato dish? I know I do! My mom says that it’s so easy to make potatoes the star of any dish or recipe. But it’s sometimes not as easy to find the perfect ones at your local super market—and let’s admit it, Prince Edward Island isn’t exactly accessible from all parts of the world to go and grab the fresh and ripe ones. So here’s what we suggest: Stop buying potatoes. Simple.

Yes, you read that right. There’s no need to buy potatoes when we’re going to tell you how you can grow your own. I’m sure everyone who loves gardening has attempted to grow pretty much everything, but growing your own set of potatoes is something almost unheard of. So, let’s make it a bit more common.

Follow the steps below to reap the benefits of fresh, homegrown potatoes. To start the process, here’s what you’ll need: Wire fencing—4 feet tall, 8 feet wide; straw, compost and dirt, and potato seeds.

1. Install 4 posts in the shape of a square. Ensure that these are 18 inches apart from one another; Here you’re building the foundation of your potato tower.

2. Take wire and wrap it around posts like a fence. Then, cut the wire so you have a horizontal leg to wrap around the vertical leg you made when you started the fencing. Tip: Use pliers to crimp the ends once finished.

3. Create an environment in which the potatoes will grow. Add hay, compost and dirt to your potato tower.

4. Take 2 lbs of seed potatoes (this comes up to around 8 medium-sized potatoes) and cut them. Make sure to leave 4 eyes attached to each piece.

5. Prepare them for growing:

Tuck potatoes into the compost and dirt. Ensure that the green buds are out towards the straw. Add a few inches of dirt to the potatoes and continue layering until potatoes are finished. Once you’ve reached the top of the tower, plant eyes in the middle so the potatoes underneath grow upwards. Remember to regularly water the tower.

The potatoes will start to grow slowly, as the plants bloom.

6. Harvest:

The easiest part! Pull away the straw and dirt and pick out the ripe potatoes! This planting method will ensure you have a good batch of potatoes that will last you a while.

See, we told you you should stop buying potatoes.

Watch the video below to see the end results of this potato tower. Share it with family and friends who enjoy gardening and fresh fruits and vegetables!

Article source: Shareably

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