Woman Uses Paper Bag To Keep Wasps Away

Stop bugging me. You’re being a pest. Buzz off. These are just a few of the many sayings that have come from interacting with flying annoyances – like wasps. I’ve never been stung by one, but it’s not really high on my priority list, so I’d like to avoid that hassle at all costs. please and thank you.

Especially because when it’s nice out, I like to enjoy my first-morning coffee outside. I like to soak up a few rays of the sun, listen to the birds, and read the news – without having to swat at the air every 60 seconds to ward off tiny buzzing devils with wings. Grrrr! I wish they’d just bugger off! See what I mean???

Well, if you’re anything like me and find their presence offensive, this extremely quick fix is for you. It’s so easy, I bet you won’t be able to help but chuckle at the simplicity of it all. It’s different from other solutions because this is a psychological deterrent, rather than a physical one. This brilliant hack wards off this flying nuisance by playing on their instinctual level. It’s so good – and cheap, easy, and convenient – and requires zero maintenance.

On Facebook, user Lex Shuler posted this genius solution, and it’s been shared almost 410,000 times – that’s how honest-to-goodness-great her quick and effective fix is. When Lex had reached the end of her rope after spraying her front and back porches to try to rid her home of wasps, she got frustrated with the stinky smell and gross build up from repeated use. It was when she read an article that she became inspired to try a different approach.

She went to Walmart and bought small brown paper lunch bags and ties. When she got home, she stuffed one of the paper bags with a few plastic bags to make it look puffy. She then took the ties and secured the puffy bag on a chain (with more ties) on her front porch and one on her back porch, high up or in a corner. She says, “All the wasps left and I haven’t seen one since I put the bags up.”


So, what’s the trick?! According to Lex, wasps do not like hornets, and since the bags take on the appearance of a hornet’s nest, it’s enough of an aversion to keeping the wasps at bay.

Click the video below to watch another success story of a man implementing the same method. He looks pretty happy about the results if you ask me! This might the answer to the prayers of anyone who’s ever wanted to get rid of these pests for good!

Source: Homemaking.com

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