Toddler Smuggles Stray Puppy Into Class And Breaks Down When Teacher Opens Her Backpack

There are just some people who have big hearts. Like, really big. They’re the kind-hearted humans who go out of their way to help out other struggling souls without further question. There’s that nice young man who helps the elderly woman with her groceries and even the heroic woman who climbs the tree to rescue the cat. It is anyone who sees another living being in pain or discomfort and tries to make their life a little easier.

I think it’s that conscious decision to do something about someone else’s suffering that sets the big hearts apart from the Grinches! Remember the Grinch and how itty bitty his heart was? This 4-year-old girl is the opposite, with a beating heart two sizes too big and it has her in tears over a matter that’s close to her heart.

Qi Qi is from Sichuan, China, and she was on her way to school when she came across something unusual. Something that caught her eye and made her stop everything she was doing. She saw a little stray puppy on the side of the road and promptly picked him up, scooping him into her backpack with the intention of bringing him home after school.

She tried to be smart about it, not knowing that her teacher might see something moving and barking in her little knapsack. Unfortunately, Qi Qi’s plans were foiled. She was busted with the pup and immediately started to cry. Qi Qi’s tears are full-on as she tries to defend her actions and the innocence of the dog. “It won’t hurt people” she blubbers.

The video is of the heartbreaking moment at school when the teacher discovers her smuggled friend. Qi Qi thinks she’s been found out and she’s in big trouble. “I told her to come to my office,” the teacher said when interviewed by a news channel. “She kept telling me the dog wouldn’t bite people. She told me not to throw it away.”

No puppies were thrown away. The girl with the big heart was allowed to keep her found friend. Qi Qi must have some seriously persuasive conversation skills because now she and her twin sister get to take care of the pup with their family. The stray dog is a stray no longer. He got one heck of a second chance at life because of the little girl’s love and kindness.

Click on the video below to watch Qi Qi’s heartbreak before it gets mended and she gets to bring the puppy home!

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