The Little Mermaid Voice Actress Performs For Bride At Wedding

If you grew up watching Disney (or by default had to watch it with your daughter or grandson), surely you have a favorite. For those who like adventure and have strong family values, Lion King might have been your preferred choice. Maybe the promise of treasure and a genie in a lamp from Aladdin was a bit more your speed.

Or, if you’re like me, it’s the underwater world of the Little Mermaid that’s close to your heart. The story of a teenaged mermaid who wanted to see what the world on land could be like. This is my favorite, and if you like it even half as much as I do, you might want to stick around for a couple of minutes to see what happened to one lucky lady.

Bride Krysten Green got quite the shock on her wedding day. She had no idea of the surprise that was in store for her, and you can see it written all over her face when the big reveal happens. Not even the groom, Chris Rowe, saw it coming. It all started with the bride’s dad on stage. Right after his speech, he asks, “OH, by the way, Krysten, what’s your favorite movie?” To which she instantly replies, “The Little Mermaid!”

Then it happens. He leaves the room, only to disappear and come back seconds later with Jodi Benson, the woman who brought the Ariel we know and love to life on screen. This is where Krysten’s eyes pop out of her head as she runs up to the singer/actress to give her a heartfelt hug.

Jodi makes a quick introduction and the music cues her in to sing “Part of Your World.” It’s mesmerizing. I cried. Jodi’s voice has matured ever so slightly, but she’s a pro. She’s Ariel, after all! Her performance is so beautiful and nostalgic, you can’t take your eyes off of her. The bride is beside herself, singing along and mouthing the words with the real-life Ariel. Is this real life? I don’t know how dad pulled this one off, but this just added a whole other layer to the beautiful day, one no one can forget and one surely anyone else will struggle to top the next time!

Click the video below to watch Jodi deliver an absolutely stellar performance.

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