Angry Cat Loudly Expresses What He Feels The Moment He Sees New Dog

It’s tough when somebody new shows up into the environment you’ve worked hard to create as your home. A new sibling means a new person to occupy your space, eat your food, and split your parents’ attention. It can be a really hard adjustment to make at first. It might even cause a bit of an uproar, especially when you’re a cat and a dog coming face-to-face for the first time, that’s when the animalistic behavior really starts to come out.

… and it can get really territorial. It’s hard to tell what will happen, but if the first encounter is any indication, like this one, then these owners might have their work cut out for them.

Now usually, it’s the souls we first meet and don’t get along with that eventually end up becoming our best friends. Once the weird and awkward first meeting is done, you don’t hope that it’s all downhill from there. Plenty of dogs and cats forge healthy friendships. They eventually learn to share, and have fun, although they might play fight and scrap once in a while.

Today, however, this “single-child” kitty isn’t too happy because he’s no longer the center of attention. His parents decided they wanted to bring home another pet, in the form of a dog and, to add insult to injury, record the cat’s reaction during this first interaction. This is one unhappy kitty, the poor baby probably feels betrayed and like he didn’t get the memo. I’m sure it’s just because it was a surprise! The owner’s comment, “This 9-year-old, very large, very loving, and very expressive 20-lb cat that we adopted off the streets of Cairo, Egypt, who is used to being ‘top-dog’ in the home, is never shy of letting anyone know his feelings. You could say he was ‘less than thrilled’ to meet the new family dog for the first time through the front window.”

The video is of the cat watching this strange looking animal get escorted into the house. Immediately, the cat’s fur is rubbed the wrong way, resulting in a barrage of loud and distressed meows expressing his unhappiness. And they keep on comin’!!! The cat unleashes these sharp and aggressive sounds, maybe trying to ward off the “intruder” or make his territory known. Either way, I hope this is just a one time thing and they learn to love each other down the line.

Click the video below to watch this over-the-top dramatic reaction.

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