Cows Are Lazing Around And Hear Mysterious Sound That Attracts Their Attention

If there’s anything that brings us together besides the love of food, it’s music. There’s something about music that provides global entertainment and emotional appeal for everyone of all ages, genders, religions, races, and ethnicities. It’s been relevant for centuries within each and every culture.

In case you thought that music was only global among humans, that isn’t entirely true. In one viral clip, we’re going to share below, it turns out that cows enjoy music just as much as we do!

At the start of the video, we are shown a lush, grassy field in Garmisch, Germany with a few cows scattered here and there. Seems like a pretty relaxing day with not much going on other than cows happily grazing on the land!

The next thing you know, a man slowly begins to play his accordion. The scene stays fairly still; it seems that the cows aren’t alarmed by the new noise. But, as the music gets louder and more lively, the cows suddenly begin to run on over as their cowbells clink and clank! Joyous fellows they are.

Right when we thought the cows would run up to the accordion player, they stop mid-way as a herd and just stare as if they aren’t sure how to react to the music: run away, get closer, just stare? Is the accordion player a threat? Yes? No?

Shortly later, the music gets louder and livelier again, and the cows go crazy! They run as a team even closer to the accordion player in complete awe of his musical talent. Surely, it was sound they appreciated as they probably grew tired of hearing nothing but the wind and bells ringing around their necks all day long.

At one point in the video, the cows even end up just a couple of feet away from the player, all lined up against the fence! I mean, who would have thought cows would be intrigued by music, let alone, an accordion?

Some are still skeptical whether or not animals actually enjoy music as we do, but from evidence from this and other clips, it’s apparent that they just might. You’ve probably watched videos of dogs howling to the piano or birds dancing while listening to music. That said, it’s hard to imagine that animals wouldn’t have some sort of reaction to music, good or bad.

Do you personally think animals enjoy music?

Watch the video for yourself below!

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