Annoyed French Bulldog Finds The Perfect Hiding Spot

As much as we hate to admit it, we all have a point where we get annoyed at someone. Some people simply get annoyed more than others while others may have a high tolerance for annoying acts such as loud chewing, constant poking, or excessive talking. How much someone gets annoyed and how they deal with such annoyances partially comes down to their temperament, level of patience, and current mood.

But, it isn’t just humans who get annoyed from time to time; animals have that tendency as well. In fact, in one video, we can see an annoyed French bulldog attempting to hide in a bathtub to escape a loud puppy.

The video starts out with the Frenchie lying on his side in the tub. Meanwhile, the pup is on the on the edge of the tub yelping loudly at him, possibly saying, “Play with me! Play with me!” over and over again.

Unfortunately for the pup, it’s clear that the older canine is not interested in the younger canine’s requests. Quite frankly, it appears that the pup’s high energy levels are no fit for his older counterpart. Sorry, little buddy!

My presumption is that the older Frenchie fled to the bathroom to nap in the bathtub to get some peace and quiet, away from the playful and yappy puppy. However, it seems that the pup had no issue tracking him down to let him know he’s ready for a little playdate.

Interestingly, later into the clip, the French bulldog in the tub begins to twitch and shift in his sleep as if he’s barely waking up despite the fact that the pup has already been yelping for a while. It looks like the dog was enjoying a cozy rest in the quiet bathroom, that is until the little guy showed up!

All and all, while I felt bad that the bulldog was woken by the pup, and that the pup was denied a playing session while the dog was sleeping, the video was adorable. It reminded me of a little kid running to their parents’ bedroom to jump on their bed in the morning to wake them up. So cute.

Watch the video below of the sleeping French bulldog. If you have pets or young children, maybe you can even relate to the Frenchie’s want for a deep sleep in a peaceful place, away from all the noise!

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