Toddler Holds Crying Kitten When Mama Cat Shows Up To The Rescue

Kids can learn a thing or two from animals. Growing up around them helps to foster compassion and kindness, understanding and love. These are some of the great things kids can pick up while in the presence of pets – on a good day. On any other day, kids tend to terrorize small animals. I speak from experience.

When I was a small child, I had SO MUCH LOVE to give, I basically smothered the family cat. I just wanted snuggles all the time, on command. I wanted the cat with me always, so I could smush my face with hers and we could be best friends forever!

Unfortunately, not all pets share the same feelings. Kids can come on too strong, and you can’t blame them, they’re just learning. With a little finesse and guidance from us older folks, there are ways to help them tone it down. In the meantime, while children’s behavior may scare the daylights out of our beloved pets, there are times where it provides a few chuckles.

In the video, this small child is cuddling a teeny tiny, meowing kitten. And, oh my goodness, the itty bitty kitten is over the top adorable! She’s so little and she’s a gorgeous Siamese – and she’s being held, hostage! The sweet girl holding the kitten just wants to get closer to her new friend. She’s not pulling the tail or petting her too hard, however, because the kitten is so new to the world, she’s probably scared and not used to being held and so far away from her mom.

Mama cat is having none of this, especially when her baby is in trouble, meowing out loud for help. Mom is all over it, approaching the toddler to try to bite her kitten’s neck and take her out of the situation. The girl moves from side to side, dodging the cat’s advances, not wanting to give up her furry best friend. Mom paces back and forth before she goes in for the rescue! She grabs her kitten and the girl isn’t happy. Poor baby got the kitten stolen away from her and now she’s upset. Grandpa can’t help but let out a giggle (I think we’re all giggling a bit!) as he scoops her up and she cries into his arms. I hope they can all learn to play together soon.

Click the video below to watch this mama cat swoop in to save her baby from the giant toddler.

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