Marine Surprises His Family While They Pose For Photo

While there are people who dislike surprises, there’s no one in the world who wouldn’t enjoy a surprise like the one in the video below. The surprise shown in this clip is just about one of the best ones I’ve seen in a while. It’s executed well and is so heartwarming.

The footage starts with the Richter family in the car, getting ready to go on a vacation for spring break. Everyone is ready to hit the road when dad decides to take out his camera to snap a quick photo — you always have to save those memories, right?

So, dad holds the camera up, ready to show his beautiful family to the world. He tells them to “Say cheese!” However, one of his daughters says, “That’s the video!” Of course, she doesn’t know that he has it on video for a reason. But, he plays along and says, “Oh shoot!” The family laughs and continues to pose. Right after that moment, you see a young man, wearing a black hoodie, suddenly pop up from the back seat. You just see his head, and he’s smiling at the camera, too.

Though we don’t miss it, the family does. Or rather, the women and girls do. Dad looks at the figure on the camera and says, “Uh, wait Rowan, a little to the right!”

Everyone looks confused and they say, “Rowan?” As they continue to look into the camera for their selfie, the women notice the hooded figure too! They instantly start screaming and turn to face Rowan, the son, and brother of the family.

They’re all shocked, covering their mouths, as Rowan laughs at his family. He climbs out from the back seat, as they all yell and look at him in shock. Everyone is overjoyed and in disbelief that they’ve got the missing piece of their family back.

Rowan is a marine, and he’d come up with the plan to surprise his mom and sisters with his dad. Dad was more than happy to join in when he got back.

The man told his family that he and his dad went to the airport to pick Rowan up the day before. The boys were just waiting for the right moment.

This surprise is so heartwarming, and something you don’t want to miss! One comment in the video read, “This is the best homecoming video I’ve seen. Love it!” We agree!

If you’d like to see Rowan surprise his family, watch the video down below!

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