Woman Who Wants A Change Gets A Makeover

The Makeover Guy, also known as Christopher Jon Hopkins, is known to give women makeovers that leave their friends and family with their mouths on the floor. The makeovers he gives always end with the women in tears, shocked at their new look. He really transforms his clients and makes them look like an entirely different person.

The woman in the video below, Sandy, is no different. At the beginning of the clip, she says that she’s tired of the way she looks. “I want a new me,” she shares.

Her biggest fear about the makeover is that she’s not going to like it. Let’s talk about her look. Currently, her hair is blonde and short; it ends about an inch under her ear, and she has bangs. She’s also not wearing any makeup.

After she says that she’s afraid of not liking the new look, the camera cuts to another scene, and Sandy has been made-over, and she’s got a brand new look. “I love it!” she exclaims. The woman admits that she loved every part of the process, having spent the entire day with Christopher and his team.

During the video you can see Christopher working on Sandy’s hair, trying to figure out which look would be best for her. He talks to the hairstylist about what to do with the cut and dye, and she gets to work.

Then we go back to the interview before the makeover, and Sandy shares, “I don’t want to put limitations on Christoper. I was a nurse and anesthetist for 43 years, and it used to really bug me when my patients would say, ‘I don’t want this,’ ‘I don’t want that,’ you know? I’m the professional, I know the anesthesia, please let me choose what’s best for you, and I feel the same way about Christopher. Christopher is the professional, he knows what would look good and what wouldn’t.”

The video then cuts to Christopher fixing Sandy’s hair and saying, “Youthful but sexy,” to which Sandy replies, “Oh, absolutely!”

She shares that she has dinner reservations with her husband and that she’s going to be so proud and happy to show herself off. “It will be great,” she says.

As for Sandy’s makeup, it’s a natural look, but she looks gorgeous anyway! She says that she looks 20 years younger. Girl, we agree!

If you’d like to see Sandy’s transformation, watch the video down below!

Source: Rumble

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