Man’s Nifty Invention Turns Toy Car Into Lawn Mower

Because I live on a farm, I’m no stranger to working outdoors. No matter what the weather is — rain, snow, ice, wind, or sunshine — there are always things to be done, and the animals need to be looked after. Before I even start “work” for the day, I have been up for several hours, feeding and caring for the animals and doing daily chores and maintenance.

There are some jobs on the farm that I like more than others. I always enjoy looking after the chickens, and I don’t even mind cleaning their coop. My hens are friendly, social, and funny little creatures and they provide us with fresh eggs to eat.

But, there are some chores that I hate and mowing the lawn goes under that category. One would think that with horses, we wouldn’t have to do much mowing, but we still have a yard, and the horses’ fields have to be constantly mowed in the summer, so they stay in excellent condition.

Mowing is a hot, dirty, and miserable job. So, the guy in this video has a genius way around the horrible task. At first glance, it appears to be just a really cool looking remote-controlled sports car — a Lamborghini. However, as I looked closer, I noticed the grass behind the car was shorter than the rest. It’s actually a lawnmower!

He just has to sit in the shade of a tree while his clever invention does all of the dirty work! The sports car look is certainly impressive, but I’d take any version of a remote-controlled lawnmower, as long as it did the job. This guy deserves some sort of award!

Watch the awesome mower in the video below and tell us what you thought about it? Is it something you would consider? I know I would!

Source: Rumble

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