Bullied Boy Known As “Rabbit Boy” Gets Brand New Set Of Teeth

Kids can just be so downright cruel. When you’ve had such little experience on the planet, it doesn’t come as a surprise that kids and teens make fun of each other’s differences rather than their similarities. They just don’t know better. But for the victims who have to suffer through the chastising, it can be extra rough.

Getting called names, and shunned based on your physical appearance – which in most cases, is something you can’t help – is a phase most of us go through and grow out of. Hello, puberty! But for some pre-teens, they’re stuck with something with no light at the end of the tunnel, especially if it’s too expensive to fix. For 12-year-old Evan Hill from New Zealand, he knows this situation all too well.

Evan was dubbed Rabbit Boy the moment he got into middle school. With a severe overbite that caused his teeth to jut out and permanently part his lips, as well as cause a speech impediment, kids took it upon themselves to call it as they saw it. Evan’s teeth were so big, so intrusive, he couldn’t shut his mouth. His evergrowing teeth were negatively impacting the quality of his life, and affecting his overall spirit.

It was when the boy from Christchurch, New Zealand told his story on national television that the country got to see an intimate perspective of the boy’s life. They really got a glimpse into the daily pain of what it’s like to live with not feeling confident and happy in your own skin. Not to mention, how expensive it is to correct a severe case like this! If it were so easy, Evan’s family would have banded together to cover the cost of such extensive work, as his case did not qualify for free medical and dental coverage.

The cost of Evan’s procedure? A staggering $12,000 which the family couldn’t afford on their own, or they would have to remortgage the house. Even if they could cover the costs, the family car was destroyed in a recent earthquake, making it near impossible to drive him to his appointments. It seems like the universe had another plan because the boy’s story seemed to catch like wildfire. Viewers who saw him speak on TV felt his pain and willingly offered support, so much support that donations exceeded the $12,000 and reached closer to $100,000 not only covering the procedure, but also the car and any other unforeseen costs.

This is truly an inspirational tale of a bullied boy who gets a chance at living a normal life. Click below to get even more of the story.

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